Textile Course

Join each of our artists for this unique textile course exploring hand weaving, Batik and macramé, completing a woven tapestry from the weaving session, a batik artwork on silk, and a Macrame pot hanger.


7.5 hour Textiles Course:

Week 1 – Thursday 15th February –  6 pm – 8:30 pm

An introduction to Batik silk painting with Nikita Vora. 

Join us for a hands-on session to learn about the art of Batik. During the session, you will create a sample piece to learn different techniques and then work on your own design on silk fabric (40cm x 40cm). Your outcome will make a beautiful and decorative wall piece suitable to be on a frame or board. Please bring your rough design for your final piece.


Week 2 – Thursday 22nd February – 6 pm – 8:30 pm

An introduction to wall hanger weaving with Emi Fujisawa. 

This creative weaving workshop allows participants to understand hand-weaving on the frame, creating their own unique woven artwork/tapestry. You will learn how to warp up a frame loom and weave various classic weaves and decorated tapestry techniques, including plain weaving, twill weaving, rya knots and soumak stitches. You will have access to multiple yarns from the Weavery Workshop. You also can bring your favourite yarns for your weaving. You will take a small woven artwork/tapestry with you. 


Week 3 – Thursday 29th February – 6 pm – 8:30 pm

Making a Macrame plant hanger with Elizabeth Walker. 

You will learn how to create your own Macrame plant hanger using various knotting techniques. You will make a plant hanger, perfect for flowerpots like the one created in the Layered Flowerpot course. Please bring your own flowerpot if you don’t attend the ceramic sessions. This workshop is ideal for people who are interested in starting Macrame.  

Participants will also receive a plant from the Camphill MK gardens. 


Cost: 7.5-hour Course £90

(Please read the booking terms and conditions by down loading them HERE).


Emi Fujisawa

Emi Fujisawa is a Japanese textile artist/designer based in England who specializes in hand weaving with natural materials and natural dyeing. She is trained as a Japanese Sukumo Indigo Dyer in Japan. She is also influenced by studying traditional textiles, techniques and materials from around the globe, inspired by Confucius's words, "We can learn new things from the past". She loves to explore different countries and find traditional materials, techniques and ideas. She developed her style of expressing her art based on a Japanese identity with European influences. Emi knows Camphill MK well, leading our workshops as the Arts & Crafts Coordinator.

Nikita Vola

Nikita Vora

Nikita is a textile designer specialising in hand printing, dyeing, and weaving. Her work is refined, stylish, contemporary, yet traditional, subjective, and observant. She has always been drawn by nature's powerful beauty and majestic splendour and likes to play with line and shape. She firmly believes art in any form is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known, and hence, every textile has a language of its own, and there is always something to learn from it. With over 25 years of exposure to art & design in India, USA, and UK, she has a wealth of knowledge, evolving in different cultures. Through experimentation and innovation and keeping her Indian heritage, Nikita creates a range of textiles using prints and weaving. She continues doing commissioned work while working as a Craft Support Worker at Camphill MK.

Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth comes from a background in Textile and Surface Design, having worked in various roles, experimenting and developing techniques resulting in all sorts of creations. Elizabeth has a passion for colour, making and learning. Having run workshops at Camphill, Elizabeth loves working with people and sharing her skills and knowledge with others so they can enjoy crafts and its many benefits.

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