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Become a Resident

Camphill MK aims to offer its residents a good quality of life by providing support in a friendly, relaxed and stimulating environment. The support we offer meets each resident’s assessed daily living needs and encourages them towards self reliance.

The residents at Camphill MK have their own rooms and have signed a tenancy agreement.

You are welcome to call to make an enquiry and to arrange a visit to our community.  However our community is currently at capacity, and although we are building new accommodation, we are unable to undertake assessments for new residents at the moment.  We are looking forward to being welcome more residents in the future. 

Usually, enquiries are welcomed from adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs who feel they might like to join our community, as well as from interested parents, guardians, other close relatives or friends, and social workers.

Referral and Admission Process

At present we are not able to accept new individuals into our community as we are full. We are happy to receive enquiries and referrals from family members, social workers or as self-referrals to discuss future needs and to show you around Camphill MK.  Please call on 01908 235000 or email us 

To move into a community like Camphill MK, a social worker will need to be allocated to you /the prospective resident connecting you with your funding authority.  They will need to do their own assessments to determine your eligible needs and to approve the funding of any care and support package.

Camphill MK would then continue our assessment process and liaise with you and your social worker in order to agree on a care package and work towards your admission into our community.

When open for applications, our service would be suited to:
•    People who enjoy social contact and can engage with the idea of community living.
•    People who need help and support developing new skills to manage an “independent life”
•    Young people leaving school/college who are looking to move into adult services.
•    People whose parents are no longer able to provide care due to ageing or own health needs.
•    People who require the support of a wider community and who struggle to live alone in society.
•    People who have an assessed need under the Care Act 2014.


We charge an hourly rate for our support hours negotiated with the funding authority.  

The charge for day opportunities (workshops) is calculated per day and may vary if there are additional support needs for personal care and support during lunch time.

The base rent of £282 pw (correct at October 2023 for standard accommodation) is inclusive of food, heating, electricity, landline, communal TV, Internet etc, and this is often funded through a combination of housing benefits and other benefits.

If you would like to make an enquiry for a residency or apply for day opportunities, please either contact us by emailing

For more information about our community, please visit our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Vimeo.
or contact Camphill Milton Keynes at:

Tel: (01908) 235000