Statement of purpose: Camphill MK Communitues

Health and Social Care Act 2008


Camphill Milton Keynes Community (CMKC) is committed to supporting Adults aged 18 years and over who have special needs, within Milton Keynes Community and the surrounding area. This includes individuals with learning difficulties, autism, mental health needs. Support is provided in small family units where individual living skills are developed and quality of life is enhanced, and where individuals are at the centre of their own care and support.

CMKC seeks to promote and encourage principles of dignity, responsibility and self worth. Its aim is to nurture the individual in all aspects;  physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual.  Its core beliefs will encompass a range of approaches including aspects of the anthroposophical ethos of Dr Rudolph Steiner.

We aim to provide meaningful day service workshops where individuals can understand the importance of and meaning of work.


  • To understand each person’s individual needs through the development of a Life Plan
  • To provide support to individuals so they can achieve maximum independence
  • To increase individual’s control and choice over their lives
  • To provide care services that specialise in working with people with special needs.
  • To ensure that the views and opinions of individuals are taken into account when CMKC provides services, and that individuals are able to make a positive contribution in the way CMKC is run.
  • To promote disability, gender and race equality.
  • To encourage positive risk taking
  • To provide a holistic approach to care and support  through partnerships working between all stakeholders
  • To ensure that all staff are suitably qualified to provide support and meet the needs of individuals we support within our community
  • To work with the principles of Rudoph Steiner

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