Friends of Camphill MK

Become a Friend of Camphill MK

Would you like to regularly support Camphill MK?  In 2023 we started building work, starting our 5-year plan to build additional accommodation for adults with disabilities.  To help make those plans a reality are looking for regular support and donations from our friends and supporters. 

What do you need to do to become a friend?

Simply complete this form, hosted by Donorfy and commit to donating at least £10 per month:

If you would like to sign up but do not want to set up a standing order via the bank, there are alternative ways to pay, please drop us a line to explore how; 01908 235000 or

What will I get?

In return you will receive a one-off ceramic pin badge made by our residents, glazed and fired ready for pinning on your favourite outfit.   If you choose, you will be credited on our supporters documentation (website, presentation materials and e-brochure).  And you will receive an annual invitation to a special Camphill MK Angels celebration within our community. 

You will also get the knowledge that you are supporting something important and your donation is really valued. 

Thank you for considering becoming a friend of Camphill MK.  If you would like to chat to a team member before making a decision, you can speak to Lucy or Carolyn on 01908 235000 or email


Please take a look at our gallery below of the badges being created by residents.  You can read more about the making project on our blog page: Badges Gifted to Camphill Angels

Would you like to know more about our expansion plans?

Please download our Capital Prospectus for more information about our Building project. 

This document will tell you about the aims of the project with larger drawings, showing the plans ambitions. 

Our buildings are designed to be in-keeping with the Camphill style and the community within which they sit.  We will be embedding environmental principals across the sites, with green roofs, utiliising passive design principals and utilising sustainably sourced materials.  


Find out about all of our fundraising plans by visiting our Support Us page .  Here you will find information on raising funds, volunteering, undertaking challenges, and getting your staff and friends involved.

Check out some of our blog posts to see any events that are currently running, or to see the success of previous events