Tile Me a Story
Tile Me a Story

Tile Me a Story

Be Part of Our Story

We are creating a new large-scale artwork for Camphill MK, made up of 100’s of tiles made or inspired by you!

You’ve probably heard of Buy-a-Brick campaigns for the public to support big build projects.  Well, we are doing something a little more ‘us’.  Tile Me a Story is a fundraising activity, involving our residents, our on-site craft workshops, and you, to create a permanent artwork for the community. 

How It Works

To be a part of this community-wide art project, you can get involved in three ways.

You can purchase as many tiles as you like.  There are three options for your donation:

  • If you donate £50, a Camphill MK resident will receive a tile to decorate on your behalf.  
  • If you donate £75, you can submit a design you would like recreated on your behalf – this might be something you have created or artwork by a loved one
  • If you donate £150, you will be invited to Camphill MK for a 3-hour workshop to decorate your own tile under the guidance of our experienced staff.
To sign up and make your donation, please follow this link: Donate to Tile Me a Story.

About the Artwork

Each tile is 15cm x 15cm. It is a hand-formed ceramic tile and is likely to have irregular edges and surfaces. The tiles will be compiled together, fixed onto a board and grouted. The piece will then be wall-mounted. 

We will record each tile and create a digital book connecting it to its artist and/or donor. 

The decoration of the tile will be created by carving, stamping, adding clay to build a design, and using coloured slip – some examples of creating clay work can be found on our Pinterest Board.

If you choose to have your artwork recreated, it will be done within the team’s skillset.  

Groups & Corporate Bookings

If you would like to attend with colleagues, friends or family, you can book a workshop for 10 attendees.  If you are a smaller group, we can also arrange sessions for up to 3 people throughout the week. 

Would you like to know more about our expansion plans?

Here’s all you need to know about our Capital Project. The significant project will span five years, and expand our services and facilities. All proceeds of The Tile Me a Story project will support the development.

Our buildings are designed to fit the Camphill style and the community they sit in. We will embed environmental principles across the sites, with green roofs, using passive design principles and sustainably sourced materials.  


You can learn more about our fundraising plans by visiting our Support Us page. You will find information on raising funds, volunteering, undertaking challenges, and getting your staff and friends involved.

Thank you!



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