5-Week Ceramics Course for all levels. 

Join ceramic artist Emi Fujisawa on this 5-week journey to discover all that hand building in ceramics has to offer. You will be introduced to different hand-building techniques and ideas. Participants can make ceramic pieces like vases, sliders, sculptures, bowls, plates, mugs, jags and more based on their designs.

Students will be introduced to several hand-building pottery techniques that will establish the foundation to build up their skills in the future. They will also learn the use of glazes and glazing techniques.

They will immediately put these techniques into use in the course by designing and making different elements of ceramic pieces. Students will finish the course with ceramic pieces, selecting from a range of glazes to finish off their works.

Wednesdays – 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Week 1: 5th June
Induction of ceramic workshop. Discuss designs and ideas ceramic pieces with own design. Learning technique of slab/using mould. Idea of items: cylinder, mug, plate and more.

Week 2: 12th June
Learning technique of coil making. Idea of items: vase, bowl, mug and more.

Week 3: 26th June
Learning technique of building up using templates/tools. Idea of items: vase, box, cylinder and more.

Week 4: 3rd July

Making a final own piece using techniques which you have leant.

Week 5: 10th July

Glazing your pieces.

Cost: 5-Week Course £145

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Emi Fujisawa is a Japanese textile artist/designer specialising in ceramics, pottery, hand weaving with natural materials and natural dyeing. She launches her slow fashion collection using her textile techniques. She is influenced by studying traditional textiles, methods and materials from around the world. Emi is inspired by Confucius’s words, who said: “We can learn new things from the past”. She has developed her own style to express her art based on a Japanese identity with European influences.

Emi creates her work using ceramics. Her personal work focuses on making hand-thrown vases and Japanese matcha bowls using her own glazes made with natural materials. She sees ceramic as a textile and creates beautiful surfaces. She had done a placement at Illyria pottery in Oxford and gained her experience in various ceramic studios in Japan.

Emi knows Camphill MK well, leading our workshops as the Arts & Crafts Coordinator.

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