Camphill MK – Not Your Average Employer

Camphill MK – Not Your Average Employer

We continue to shine a light on the wonderful staff of Camphill MK. We want to highlight how we, as a charity, a care provider and an employer, ensure that our crucial team achieve their goals by endeavouring to support them all the way.

As a result, we’ve been speaking to our staff, some of whom support workers, about what it’s like to work at Camphill MK. We’ve discovered so much! From their accomplishments, their thoughts on our community and how making a difference to adults with learning disabilities can be so rewarding.

Here’s Adam P’s interview about working at Camphill MK.  

CMKC: How did you hear about Camphill MK?

AP: I was working in a horrible job at a bank and was extremely unhappy. I had been a support worker before, and I was looking for a role within a great care setting. I remembered visiting Camphill a few years ago, sitting in the cafe and admiring the community spirit I felt. I saw that there were vacancies and I applied! I had an interview one morning before work and quit my job in the bank straight away!

CMKC: What is your current role?

AP: I am a Support Worker, and I am a Key Worker for one of our residents.

CMKC: Briefly, tell us what you do.

AP: Working across three houses within the community, I offer person-centred support and care to the residents who live there. All the work we do is geared towards enriching their lives and supporting them to live as independently as possible. My work is so varied that I often don’t know what the day will bring! I love it!

I work with residents who have varying needs, some more independent than others. I make sure that they have the tools and support they need to maintain a happy and healthy life, giving them access to the broader community and the services they can benefit from. I liaise with the care manager, parents and professionals to make sure this is done effectively.

CMKC: What attracted you to Camphill MK in the first place?

AP: The community. It takes a village to make a difference, which I have found at Camphill MK. Everyone has a vested interest in making Camphill MK a happy and exciting place to be. The residents can learn tangible skills in the many workshops on offer and by helping in the cafe and shop, meeting members of the general public, and honing their social skills! It is a place of nurturing and love, which I haven’t seen in any other care setting.

CMKC: What makes Camphill MK different from other employers in your sector?

AP: Camphill MK is different in that it is a real community. Everyone cares about every other person. This kind of support is not something other providers can give. We all live, work and learn together, which is so valuable! We share skills and knowledge, and I have learned so much from staff and residents alike!

CMKC: What’s your favourite part of your job?

AP: Seeing the work I do making a visible difference. When you arrive, you are greeted with smiles and love from people who really want and need you to be there. It is not just about being a good person; it is about building a trusting relationship with people who have to rely on “strangers” to help them. It is like being a very hands-on Aunt or Uncle, big brother or sister and a friendly ear and voice. The residents will tell you that they trust you, which is the highest of honours!

CMKC: Have you received any extra training to do your job?

AP: Yes. For each new phase in a resident’s life or each challenge they face, we have been given the relevant training to help us deal with this better. Be it Sensory Awareness training for a resident with autism or Moving and Handling training for our older, less mobile residents.

CMKC: In a few sentences, tell us why you like working for Camphill MK. What makes it different or unique?

AP: The community. You don’t know what community really is until you’ve experienced somewhere like Camphill MK.

CMKC: What are the perks of the job at Camphill MK?

AP: The residents! They are wonderful people who will teach you so much about yourself and life in general. They give you a whole new perspective on what constitutes a happy and enriching life. I have never enjoyed a job like this before! I feel like a part of something bigger than I am. It’s wonderful!

CMKC: Would you recommend Camphill MK as an employer?

AP: Thousand times, yes. If you want to make a difference in people’s lives whilst also making a difference in your own, apply now! I haven’t looked back.

If you want to find out more about our job vacancies, visit our recruitment page here.

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