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Camphill MK: Not Your Average Employer

We continue to shine a light on the wonderful staff of Camphill MK. We want to highlight how we, as a charity, a care provider and an employer, ensure that our crucial team achieve their goals by endeavouring to support them all the way.

As a result, we’ve been speaking to our staff about what it’s like to work at Camphill MK. We’ve discovered so much! From their accomplishments, their thoughts on our community and how making a difference to adults with learning disabilities can be so rewarding.

Here’s Aishah I’s interview about working at Camphill MK.  

CMKC: What is your current role?

AI: I’m a full-time Support Worker.

CMKC: Tell us what you do. 

AI: I support adults with learning disabilities and learning difficulties with their daily lives, such as meal preparation, personal care, dealing with finances, administering medication and helping them with hospital appointments.

CMKC: What attracted you to Camphill MK in the first place? 

AI: The description of Camphill MK on the website. I really wanted to be a part of it, and now I am!

CMKC: What’s your favourite part of your job?

AI: Working with the residents I support. I look forward to coming back to work every week. 

CMKC: Have you received any extra training to do your job?

AI: Yes, basic first aid, diabetes, dementia, dysphagia, and more ongoing and upcoming training. 

CMKC: Tell us why you like working for Camphill MK. What makes it different or unique?

AI: I live in Birmingham but commute once a week to Camphill MK. I stay a week at Camphill, doing long day shifts and sleep-ins. And then I’m home for a week, before going to work again for a week. My working hours allow me to switch off for a few days at home, so I always feel refreshed when I start my new working week. Also, I like that I can cook/prepare my food, do my prayers during my breaks, and I really like the mealtimes because staff eat together with the residents, and we chat about our day. It’s a really nice community to be a part of. 

CMKC: What are the perks of the job at Camphill MK?

AI: Management actually cares about employees’ welfare and mental health. Everything is well organised, and there are always exciting activities in Camphill MK.

CMKC: Would you recommend Camphill MK as an employer? 

AI: Yes, without a doubt!

If you want to find out more about our job vacancies, visit our recruitment page here.

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