Camphill MK - Not you average employer

Camphill MK – Not Your Average Employer

We want to shine a light on the wonderful staff of Camphill MK. We also want to highlight how we, as a charity, a care provider and an employer, ensure that our crucial team achieve their goals by endeavouring to support them all the way.

As a result, we’ve been speaking to our staff, some of whom support workers, about what it’s like to work at Camphill MK. We’ve discovered so much! From their accomplishments, their thoughts on our community and how making a difference to adults with learning disabilities can be so rewarding.

Here’s Anke P.’s interview about working at Camphill MK.  

CMKC: How did you hear about Camphill MK?

AP: A friend told me about Camphill MK in 1985. We had both just finished school and decided to come to Camphill for a year. My friend had heard about it from an acquaintance who had been a co-worker herself.

CMKC: What is your current role?

AP: I work as a support worker for the Craft Team. I also work occasional shifts in the houses.

CMKC: Briefly, tell us what you do.

AP: My main role is to work in the Weavery Workshop to support the residents in their activities. We produce woven materials which are turned into products for personal use as well as for sale in the shops.

CMKC: What attracted you to Camphill MK in the first place?

AP: Initially, I just wanted to spend a year volunteering abroad after I left school. I liked the idea of living and working in a community.

CMKC: What makes Camphill MK different from other employers in your sector?

AP: I feel that Camphill MK is different in that it is a community. Although it no longer functions as a community where residents and volunteers share lives by living and working together, community ethos has prevailed. It shows in how we support our residents and how staff and residents look out for each other and support each other.

CMKC: What’s your favourite part of your job?

AP: I love working closely with residents and other staff. In the workshop and the houses, I have the opportunity to do just that. I love getting to know people well and understanding how to support them best, enabling them to achieve their own goals and lead meaningful lives.

CMKC: Have you received any extra training to do your job?

AP: I have received the necessary training for my role.

CMKC: In a few sentences, tell us what makes Camphill MK different or unique?

AP: This is my third job at Camphill MK. I came as a young co-worker and then returned to the management team over 30 years later. I now work as a support worker.

Every role has been challenging and rewarding in its own way, and I have loved each one.

I think I will always consider coming back to Camphill, whether as a paid staff or a volunteer.

Camphill is more than just an employer for me. Perhaps because I started as a young co-worker, it will always feel a little bit like family to me.

CMKC: What are the perks of the job at Camphill MK?

AP: Friendly colleagues and a supportive management team. The ability to work creatively, a lovely environment and surroundings and community events.

CMKC: Would you recommend Camphill MK as an employer?

AP: Absolutely.

If you want to find out more about our job vacancies, visit our recruitment page here.

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