camphill mk running club

Camphill MK Running Group

We’ve started a running group! And thanks to the support from MK Community Foundation, we have been granted £952 towards safety equipment (hi-viz, head torches), equipment (cones etc.), t-shirts, and entry into the MK Marathon Rocket 5k for 5 of the team.

The running group will be run by Cheryl, a support worker who recently gained her leadership in running fitness qualification. She is already helping us with safety and encouraging residents (and staff) to get outdoors and improve their fitness levels whilst having fun. Initially, this will be an internal group to encourage non-residents to join in the future.

The running group is all-inclusive for all abilities and will mix fitness conditioning and running sessions.  

Like the couch to 5K programme, we will aim for runners to participate in the Milton Keynes Marathon Weekend in May 2023. Don’t worry! We’re not expecting anyone to run a marathon unless you want to, of course. 

As our runners get more confident, there will be the opportunity to join other organised runs, fundraising opportunities and individual challenges as we as free runs with Park Run over at Willen Lake and other runs managed by the Parks Trust.

Here’s our motivation.

  1. Running improves your overall health
  2. We train towards set goals – A huge sense of achievement when you hit those goals
  3. Improve energy levels
  4. Great for your mental health
  5. Wonderful stress reliever
  6. Have fun and make new friends

The Running Group has already had a fantastic turnout for their first running club session, and everyone’s effort wows us!

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Post Author: Alicja McCarthy