Camphill MK Bake-off

Camphill MK’s 1st Bake-Off

As huge fans of the BBC’s The Great British Bake Off and cake, we decided to host our very own version. With a little friendly competition between the houses, our residents got to showcase their baking talents. 

The bake-off promises to bring joy, creativity, and delicious treats to our community and a wonderful opportunity for us to come together, share our skills, and enjoy the delightful creations of our community members.

Each house baked independently, with minimal support from staff, and the whole community loved it. 

In Whitethorn, we saw real teamwork, especially when it came to ‘cleaning’ the bowls! The atmosphere was so homely, with baked scents all around. 

Oberlin residents also worked hard and enjoyed themselves, and we’re proud of their teamwork and contributions. 

We’re also very proud of Steve and Tracey. Steve baked the cake. He measured all the ingredients, mixed them, and put them in the mould. The chocolate was then melted and placed in the chocolate mould. Tracey also put the edible glitter on and arranged them on the cake.

On behalf of Sunwood House, Amy and Jaye made a fantastic chocolate cake! They worked brilliantly as a team, weighing ingredients, stirring the cake, and decorating it. Both had their first go at using a piping bag, and they washed and dried up, too. The finished cake looks absolutely luscious and beautiful. 

We didn’t expect to have so many cakes on the table. They were beautiful and delicious! Judges had a challenge on their hands in selecting the winner. The residents had the opportunity to choose a cake they believed deserved a reward, and our judges selected one based on taste.

Congratulations to Blackthorn House for winning the competition!

1st place – Blackthorn

2nd place – Oberlin

3rd place – Sunwood

Congratulations to everyone! Teamwork was the real winner. After all, there’s nothing sweeter than the success that comes from all the hard work that everyone has put in.  

Thank you to all the staff who supported the activity, and a massive thank you to everyone who put the time and effort into making the wonderful cake creations. 

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