Community Energy Fortnight

Community Energy Fortnight

The Community Energy Fortnight, a significant event running from 1-14 July, is a platform that aims to elevate the status of community-led and owned energy. It’s a call to inspire new individuals, businesses, and organisations to join hands in creating a people-powered, sustainable, and resilient energy system.

Back in 2016, as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we partnered with Wolverton Community Energy to install Solar PV panels on the roofs above our Chrysalis Theatre and some of our houses. They coordinated the installation and continue to utilise our rooftops to offer our energy surplus to help people experiencing fuel poverty in the wider community.

We want to highlight the positive impact of community energy schemes and the work supporting more energy-efficient charities and social enterprises to expand the services of companies such as Wolverton Community Energy and grow their impact in the local community.

The Community Energy Fortnight is an excellent reminder that Wolverton Community Energy is doing groundbreaking work towards a more sustainable Milton Keynes. In celebration and recognition, they are launching Milton Keynes Community Energy, which will house all their existing and future programmes.

Wolverton Community Energy says, “We will build on all that we have achieved so far. We have already generated close to 2 million kWh’s of community-owned solar energy, reducing carbon emissions by 760 tonnes across our city. We are developing our next range of home energy support programmes to extend those that we are already delivering. As we transition to greener energy and head towards our net zero targets, we are here to provide you with independent, expert, community-led support.”

How MK Community Energy Works

At the heart of MK Community Energy is community-owned solar power. This allows them to provide cheaper, stable energy pricing for their customers – and the profits they then invest in new renewables or local programmes to cut energy bills and carbon emissions across MK.

Alongside our solar panels, we are also proud to grow our own fruit and vegetables to ensure zero food miles where possible, with our breads and cakes for the café and the houses, baked on site. Our residents are committed to recycling across our sites and regularly support Great Linford Parish Council with litter picks across the parish.

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