accessibility walk with the parks trust mk

Accessibility Walk with The Parks Trust

Our community has been working with Parks Trust Milton Keynesto assess how accessible their parks are to people with various abilities. We’ve been invited on three guided accessibility walks so far – Stanton Low Park, Great Linford Manor Park and Furzton Lake.

Ellie and Katie, who oversee the accessibility and community engagement on behalf of the Parks Trust, came to meet us. On each occasion, they showed us around and talked about the history, the works completed, wildlife management etc.

Every time our group really enjoyed the walks, the nice weather, the talks and the learning journey. After each of the walks, we gave the Parks Trust some feedback online to help them improve the accessibility of the parks. It was a privilege to be asked to give our opinion because we love the parks surrounding us and want to help everyone enjoy them as much as we do.

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Post Author: Alicja McCarthy