Emmaus Village in Carlton

Camphill MK Residents Visit Emmaus Village in Carlton

Our Wednesday Arts & Crafts Group visited Emmaus Village in Carlton to present them with an upcycled blanket we had made for them.

The Wednesday Arts and Crafts Group spent twelve weeks upcycling some of our old hand-woven curtain materials (which can no longer be used as such due to fire regulations) into a patchwork throw. The woollen curtain material was felted in the washing machine, and the contrasting colours were hand-made with a wet-felting technique and then cut into shapes and needle-felted onto the squares. The squares were joined using feather stitch and blanket stitch. It was a great group activity, which everyone could join in with, according to their ability.

When we arrived at Emmaus Village in Carlton, we were greeted by Julie and Andrew, and we were shown around their extensive second-hand shops and visited one of the houses. We learned that, despite being two different kinds of communities, we also have a lot of similarities. Emmaus Village Carlton has a vegetable garden and a cafe. They also have bees! The companions living in Emmaus Village share houses and can learn new skills and trades.

It was a lovely outing, but it was also thought-provoking and encouraged some interesting conversations about homelessness and being a community.

Thank you to Julie, Andrew and Michael for their time and to Norman for driving us!

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Post Author: Alicja McCarthy