Camphill MK Sensory Room

New PBS and Sensory Room

As our community keeps growing and thriving, our top priority remains delivering exceptional care and improving the lives of our residents. 

That is where Csilla’s role as a Positive Behaviour Support Coordinator comes in. She works alongside the Care Management Team and specialises in managing the Sakura Walk service.

To stay connected with the community, Csilla spends part of her week in Sakura Walk, getting involved in the daily activities and meeting the needs of our residents and staff there. The rest of her time is dedicated to tasks that drive positive outcomes. She analyses PBS reports from all houses in the community to gain valuable insights. Csilla then works closely with our key workers and house coordinators to develop customised PBS plans and interventions that suit each resident’s needs.

Another aspect of Csilla’s job is to provide training to our dedicated staff. She ensures they have the necessary skills in PBS, NAPPI, and effective communication strategies. Additionally, she supports Tom, Destiny, and Rachel whenever possible, especially during assessments and when new residents join our community. Together with the team, we are determined to make this service a shining example for community living and a deep understanding of human nature and behaviours.

As our community expands, Csilla’s role will evolve to ensure our new services are designed to meet the needs of residents with more complex requirements. She will play a part in ensuring our new facilities provide exceptional positive behaviour support to all residents. 

Csilla explains, “It is a responsibility I wholeheartedly embrace because I know it profoundly impacts their lives and well-being. I feel passionate about making a positive impact and constantly improving the lives of our remarkable residents.”

Recently, we successfully brought an exciting plan to life, and we hope it will make a real difference. We transformed The Cocoon, a cabin built during the Covid-19 pandemic that we initially used as a safe meeting area for residents and their families, into a captivating sensory room.

Staying true to the theme of our person-centred outcomes project, Wish Fish, we designed the sensory room with a beautiful underwater theme. Our goal is to create more spaces like this throughout the community. These spaces provide a serene and calming escape for residents facing sensory processing challenges or experiencing stress and anxiety in their shared homes.

“Being part of this dynamic and rapidly growing community is truly inspiring, and I feel immensely proud to contribute to the well-being of our residents.”

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Post Author: Alicja McCarthy