autism acceptance day

Autism Acceptance Day – 8th April

What a wonderful day 8th April was! 

For the past month, we have raised autism awareness through various activities in our community and beyond, including our Autism Awareness Logo Redesign Competition and Autism Tree design activities. 

On Monday, we also participated in a very special Autism Acceptance Bake Off, revealed our Autism Trees, announced the logo competition winner, made special badges and hosted a fabulous Spectrum Soiree Silent Disco!

Thanks to everyone who took part. We had a fantastic day!

Many thanks to our wonderful activity-lead Ewa for organising the baking and autism tree competitions; to Csilla, Hope, Joey, Rachel, Olivia and Cheryl, among others, for helping with the stalls; and to Tim and Oli for supporting the disco.

It was great to hear our residents and staff share their experiences of being autistic. Thank you to Tech Lab, Mitch, and Craig for sharing their perspectives on ASD. 

Lastly, a massive thank you to Destinywho led the logo competition and the planning for the entire day. These wonderfully creative and person-centred initiatives encouraged and raised our collective awareness and appreciation for all things autism. 

Well done to all involved in creating a wonderful learning experience and fun event! 

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Post Author: Alicja McCarthy