Changing Care Needs for People with Learning Disabilities – Channel 4 News

Channel 4 News investigates – “How can we meet changing care needs of people with learning disabilities?”

Thanks to improvements in health care and health equality, people with learning disabilities are living longer.

And that’s raising new questions about how to provide the care they need as they age.

In the third of the Channel 4 News series on the care system, Ruben Reuter reports on the new ways to offer appropriate support as people’s care needs change over a lifetime.

Featuring Camphill MK, we were thrilled to have Ruben and the Channel 4 News team filming at our community. Better known as Finn from the CBBC‘s Dumping Ground, Ruben chatted with our residents about life at Camphill and our CEO, Tim, about the challenges our community faces to ensure that our residents have the best later life experience without the need to be relocated to experience specialist facilities. And our huge Capital Plan fundraising campaign to raise £15m to build adaptive housing to make that happen. 

As well as actual work in hand as a broadcaster, the charismatic and beloved actor graced Camphill MK with his star power! Excitement reached new heights as he agreed to shine in the spotlight of a Performing Arts Workshop (PAW) silent film, weaving magic with his unparalleled talent!

Ruben did a great job of reporting on the issue of people with learning disabilities ageing, and we want to thank everyone who helped prepare the site for filming, who got involved in activities with Ruben, and who made the film crew feel welcome. 

Here are some behind the scenes photos of when Ruben & Channel 4 visited our community.

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Post Author: Alicja McCarthy