Our Neighbour Thor: A Sibling Saga Play Success

Congratulations to all on an outstanding performance of ‘Our Neighbour Thor: A Sibling Saga‘, a multidisciplinary production, at The Chrysalis MK Theatre. The collaborative project was a huge undertaking, and seeing the fruits of everyone’s labour was lovely. The puppets and props were charming, even the scary ones. The actors exuded confidence, and it was...

world autism acceptance week

It’s World Autism Acceptance Week!

Our Newsletter Group has been researching the subject and has created this report, including two poems to better understand how people with autism feel. World Autism Acceptance Week aims to raise awareness of how autism affects people’s lives and what we can do to help. It also aims to help raise funds for charities supporting...

cardboard house construction

Cardboard House Construction

It’s not just the architects, engineers and contractors who are currently bustling around Camphill MK. Our community showcases many talents, from baking to weaving, gardening and performance art, but we also have an engineer among us. Here’s Nicky with some of his breathtaking creations using cardboard, paper, hours of patience and buckets of talent! Nicky...

Camphill Resident Interview

Interview with Lucie P

Our Newsletter Workshop aims to bring you a series of interviews with new members of our community!These interviews will be recorded as soundtracks for Camphill Radio and for publishing on our social channels. This week, we bring you an interview of our new workshop member Lucie P. who recently moved into Whitethorn house. She has...

A Poet in Our Midst

Our new resident, Lucie, is very talented at writing poetry. Here we aim to publish and highlight her writing on our blog, but before we do, here’s a little bit about her. Living with Cerebral Palsy, Lucie faces many challenges in daily life, but her ability to create and write is not one of them....

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