Heal the World poem

Earth Day – 22nd April

It’s Earth Day today! And our resident poet, Lucie, who’s pen-name is Doris K Williams, wrote a beautiful poem called Heal the World. She also designed a poster for her poem, which we wanted to share with you all.  The first Earth Day was in 1970, and it mobilised millions of Americans from all walks of life...

world autism acceptance week

It’s World Autism Acceptance Week!

Our Newsletter Group has been researching the subject and has created this report, including two poems to better understand how people with autism feel. World Autism Acceptance Week aims to raise awareness of how autism affects people’s lives and what we can do to help. It also aims to help raise funds for charities supporting...

Camphill poetry

Heal the World Poem by Lucie

Here’s another inspirational poem by our resident poet Lucie P complemented with BSL by Newsletter Workshop member George C.  At a time of uncertainty and turbulence, hope is Lucie’s soothing message to help us ease anxiety and help with the process of healing at both personal and societal levels. This film is edited by Camphill resident Ben...

camphill mk poetry

Spring Awakening – A Poem by Lucie P.

Our in-house poet, Lucie P., recently wrote this rather beautiful poem. Yes, things globally and nationally aren’t looking good, and our residents, unfortunately, have to suffer more restrictions yet, but it isn’t all doom and gloom! As Lucie elegantly and poetically points out – Spring is awakening. Amid all the crises, nature ebbs and flows...

A Poet in Our Midst

Our new resident, Lucie, is very talented at writing poetry. Here we aim to publish and highlight her writing on our blog, but before we do, here’s a little bit about her. Living with Cerebral Palsy, Lucie faces many challenges in daily life, but her ability to create and write is not one of them....

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