Humans of Camphill – Interview with Liam D.

We continue with our Humans of Camphill series and speak to our residents about life at Camphill. Here we chat to Liam D. who talks to us about overcoming challenges, learning new skills and how becoming independent is an achievable goal.

CMKC: Where did you live before you came here?

LD: I lived with my parents in Cosgrove.

CMKC: What were the most significant changes and challenges of moving to Camphill?

LD: The biggest change for me was becoming more independent, although it was hard to start with. I began attending workshops in 2012 as a day service user. I began with Landcraft and basket weaving workshops and really liked them. Then I went on to do Tools and Theatre workshops. I visited Soltane for a while, I also used to have lunch in Sunwood, so I became accustomed to Camphill friends. I started doing my own laundry after moving to Camphill. I also share domestic household tasks such as kitchen, which I do once a week. I also attend house meetings to discuss issues of the house. Now I visit the Theatre Workshop on Mondays and Tuesdays, Arts and Crafts Workshop on Thursdays, Bakery on Friday morning and Landcraft Friday afternoon. I continue to go to MK SNAP on Wednesdays too.

CMKC: What do you like best about Camphill Milton Keynes?

LD: I like being more independent, being close to my friends and while maintaining close bonds with my family. I love my workshops, bakery and crafts are my favourite workshops. I have made many friends in Camphill, people are friendly and help each other all the time. The community is like one big family, even though we don’t always get on with everybody all the time.

CMKC: What have you learned or achieved since coming here?

LD: I learned how to felt and make baskets and also how to bake bread – focaccia is my favourite! I’ve improved my pottery skills, and my artwork has been exhibited in MK DAD art show twice. Through acting in the Theatre, I have grown in confidence too.

CMKC: What are your hopes and plans for the future?

LD: I would like to become fully independent in the future and to have a place of my own.

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