Camphill MK Craft Team visit Art Riot Collective

Art Riot Collective Craft Team Training Day

Our Craft Workshop team attended an Art Riot Collective training day in Coventry. Arts Riot Collective’s mission is to develop a community of Disabled and Neurodivergent Artists and supporters, providing access to high-quality creative practice, connections and cultural spaces. After a recent workshop/exhibition at the MK Gallery this year, they invited us to visit them. We were...

Say NO To Abuse

Keeping safe is important in all of our lives but it can be particularly tricky if you have a disability. Knowing how to keep safe and what to do if you feel vulnerable or see something is key to ensuring that we look after ourselves and each other.

Guardian First Aid Training

Over the past several months we have been going through essential First Aid training with special help from Guardian First Aid-er Sonia. We’ve covered what First Aid actually is, from cuts and bleeding to what to do with burns and radiation (sun) burns and sun protection. It’s been fascinating also learning about the positions to...